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College Heights Secondary Learning Commons Homepage: Psychology

Psychology 11/12

Image result for psychologyWelcome to the Psychology Class Homepage

The links on this page have been specially chosen by your teacher and Mrs. Gilbert to help support studies in the Psychology 11/12 courses.

Useful Websites

Databases for peer reviewed academic research articles

EBSCO Resource Database bundle from ERAC. Consists over a dozen databases containing full text and image search capabilities suitable for pre K - 12 research projects.

Online videos

Join Hank Green as he walks you through the AP Psychology curriculum in:

Crash Course Psychology

 This entertaining YouTube series has 40 episodes that touch on almost all aspects of psychology.

Looking for inspiring and cool lectures on current areas of psychology research? Try:

TED Talks Psychology Channel


Liked Crash Course and want something similar covering more specific, special interest topics? Check out this channel





APA Citation style

APA style is the citation style used in Psychology courses.