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The Research Process: Why Use Library Databases?

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to complete any research assignment and help you avoid the stress associated with waiting until the last minute to get started.

Why You Should Use Databases



Databases are sometimes called the "deep web" or "invisible web" because their information is usually only accessible through paid subscriptions using passwords and isn't usually found (indexed) by search engines such as Google.

Database records are organized using a variety of indexes such as author and subject but are keyword searchable as well. 

Databases are either subject specific such as World History in Context or content specific such as the newspaper and magazine database through iCONN. 

Databases contain information that has been checked for accuracy, bias, and authority. You can trust the information you find in databases, not like on the web or through Google searches. Sometimes it's accurate, but many times it isn't.                           

Why Use Library Databases?

While the narrator refers to "impressing your instructor" as a reason to use databases, understand that the reason they will be impressed is because you are using reliable, academic sources for academic work.

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