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Career Education 8

Learning Intention

To look at career possibilities and understand how different industries grow and thrive in different areas of the province.


For this project you will be using the job you chose for your memes.

You will be writing a short piece in class on the job in detail about why you chose that job and giving information about where you can get schooling for the job, how much you would, on average earn, and what the projected outlook is like for that job.

You must include the following information:

1. Job Title

2. Why you are interested in that job

3. Average salary

4. Schooling options

5. Outlook for the job

- Are the jobs because of retirements or new jobs?

- Is there growth in how many jobs are becoming available

- Does it seem like you would have options of where to live in BC?

6. Are people mainly working full time? 

7. Other details you believe are important.

Detailed Instructions.

Go back to the job on Career Trek that you chose.

E.g.You chose Biologist for your memes:

Find the banner that looks like this and click on the link to go to that job's full profile.

E.g Clicking that for Biologist will take you to:

On the profile you will mainly be using the Earnings and Outlook, Workforce and employment statistics and Job requirements pages.

Use each page to find out the information.

On the Job requirements page you will need to click the EducationPlannerBC link in the banner at the bottom to see where you can get schooling.

E.g The link for a Biologist will take you to: