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Career Education 8


Over the next five days you will begin exploring career options.

The world, and technology, are rapidly changing the landscape of the job market. Careers that were once reliable and stable are disappearing, replaced by careers no one had ever heard of until a few years ago (e.g. Social Media Marketer)

These 5 big idea questions govern what we want you to get out of these lessons.


1: How does reflecting on our preferences and skills help us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals?

2: What do our career paths reflect about the personal, community, and educational choices we have made?

3: How is the value of our work in our lives, communities, and societies viewed by others?

4: How can we be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the economic and labour market and be ready for jobs that may not even exist right now?

5: How can we persevere to achieve our learning goals?

Life - It's Complicated Assignment

Homework Learning Intention:

To understand how the choices we make in our personal lives, in our communities and in our education affect our career paths.

Homework Assignment Steps:

  1. Choose an adult in your life
    • Family
    • Teacher
    • Coach
  2. Interview that adult and find out the story of their job life. Ask them the following questions and take notes in bullet points
    1. When you were my age what job did you think you wanted to do when you grew up?
    2. What jobs have you had?
    3. What kind of training did you need for each job?
    4. What kind of things in your life prepared you for each job?
    5. Why did you choose to apply for each job - what was going on in your life that led you to that job?
    6. How long did you stay in each job?
    7. What kind of obstacles did you have to overcome to get the jobs - change in location, extra schooling, etc.
    8. What was the best thing about each job?
    9. What was the thing you disliked most about each job?
  3. You must have this done for Thursday (Day 4)