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Forensic Science True Crime Investigation: Forensic Chromatography

NCSTL Forensics Database

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Forensic Chromatography




Chromatography: World of Forensic Science

Chromatography is a family of laboratory techniques for separating mixtures of chemicals into their individual compounds.  [eBook]

Thin Layer Chromatography

A central part of many forensic investigations is the analysis of materials that are recovered from the scene of the investigation [eBook]

How is chromatography used in forensic science?

Chromatography is an analytical method to separate a mixture into different components based on their chemical properties.

Forensics: Gas chromatography

The increased popularity of forensic science has exposed the public to tools of analysis previously unknown outside of the scientific community.

Forensic chromatography
From the BBC. Dr Yan from the Bang Goes the Theory solves the crime of who stole his doughnuts using paper chromatography. He explains how to perform the experiment and how to interpret the result to solve the crime. Includes a short video clip.

CSI and chromatography

Solve a crime with paper chromatography!

ABC Science


ABC Forensic Science
The ABC Science part of the ABC website has some amazing information.