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Forensic Science True Crime Investigation: Forensic Graphology

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Forensic Graphology [Handwriting]


Forensic Graphology
Forensic Graphology is the study of handwriting especially that found in ransom notes, poison pen letters or blackmail demands.

Handwriting analysis & forensic science
While graphology is not regarded as forensic evidence, it is still often used in combination with other techniques to profile criminals to aid authorities in their investigations. [eBook]

How handwriting analysis works
Forensic handwriting analysis is about comparing two or more documents and determining within a reasonable degree of certainty that the same person or that different people wrote them.

Forensic Science – handwriting and voice evidence
The handwriting section of forensic science involves the comparing and authentication of written documents such as ransom notes, forged contracts, forged wills, fake ID's and passports and any other form of writing or printed material.

Forensic of handwriting analysis
A handwriting analyst with forensic training can determine, by comparing a document with samples of the same handwriting, if it is real or a forgery. 

Questioned document examination
QDE is the forensic science discipline pertaining to documents that are (or may be) in dispute in a court of law. The primary purpose of questioned/forensic document examination is to answer questions about a disputed document using a variety of scientific processes and methods. Wikipedia article - compare information against a verified source.

How to hire Handwriting Experts

How to hire handwriting experts for questioned documents, forgery, handwritten items. Choose among 14 court qualified handwriting experts.

ABC Science


ABC Forensic Science
The ABC Science part of the ABC website has some amazing information.