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Forensic Science True Crime Investigation: Forensic Entomology

NCSTL Forensics Database

fsdatabse forensic research database helps you find 1000s of resources about forensic science and technology, the law of scientific evidence etc.
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Forensic Entomology



Forensic Science BLOG – Forensic Entomology

Excellent site as entry point into many areas of Forensic Science.

Forensic Entomology
The Thin Blue Line [NSW Police]. Concise local information.

Forensic Entomology - Blowflies & beetles
The Thin Blue Line [NSW Police]. Concise local information.

Forensic Entomology
Entomology is the study of insects, and forensic entomologists use insects to provide more information about crimes.

Forensic Entomology

Article from

What do bugs have to do with forensic science?
From What can bugs tell us about death? How much can they reveal about a crime? And can forensic entomology help with anything other than legal cases involving death?

Forensic entomology
Introduction to the use of insects in cases of death and in other legal investigations.

FSE Forensic Entomology
Use of insects to help solve crime

Can a fly solve a murder case?
Using maggots and other insect informants to help solve a crime is called forensic entomology.[Australian Geographic]

Forensic entomology can help to differentiate the damage caused by insect feeding from trauma that may have occurred around the time of death. Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Forensic Entomologist

Maggots? Flies? Corpses? All in a grisly day?s work for a forensic entomologist.

Measuring Time with Maggots

ABC Science


ABC Forensic Science
The ABC Science part of the ABC website has some amazing information.