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LLC: Effective Practice Guide

Supporting Effective Practice in our Library Learning Commons in SD57


Welcome to the SD57 Learning Commons Teacher-Librarian effective practice guide. 

As you explore this guide you will be learning about library learning commons and effective practice built from the collective experience of SD57, BC and Canadian teacher-librarians. We are proud members and supporters of Canadian School Libraries and BC Teacher-Librarian Association and we hope you will join us in contributing to these communities of practice.

The Five Rules of Libraries by Shiyali Ranganathan (The Father of Library Science)

  1. Books are for use
  2. Every reader their book
  3. Every book its reader
  4. Save the time of the reader
  5. Libraries are a growing organism

This is a living document and will be altered and updated. Important changes will be found in the changelog.

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District Teacher-Librarian