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To learn how to use various functions of Office365

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Set Up Creating a Class Notebook    
Notes Creating Notes Distributing Notes  
Advanced Notes Stylus Notes Equations  


Creating a Class Notebook

  1. In Teams, go into the class you wish to link to OneNote.
  2. You'll notice two panes: the left pane has the Channels for your class, the right contains the content you're editing for that channel. Select Class Notebook.

  1. Press the Set up a OneNote Class Notebook button to get started

  1. You'll see a screen telling you what will be set up. This is for your information. You can't change anything here.

  1. Next you'll be given the option to customize the student's private OneNote folder. You can rename them to the titles you use in class, and remove those you don't use and add things you will.

  1. Once everything is set up you'll see the initial content of your notebook. In the top left of the content pane you'll see purple arrow pointing right. Click that to open the Notebook contents menu
  2. Here you'll see the pre-built sections and pages mentioned in Step 5.

  1. You can add sections with the Add Section link and pages with the Add Page link. Pages will always add to the Section you are currently in.

Creating Notes

 Pro-Tip! You may want to create a section called 'Whiteboard' or something similar to house your notes while you're working on them.
  1. In OneNote, go into the section you would like to create your notes in.
  2. Add a new page using Add Page.
  3. Add a title. This is what will appear in your pages list for this section.
  4. Add content.


  1. The content area of OneNote works similarly to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple's Pages or any other common Word Processing program.
  2. You can multimedia content such as videos, images and so on.
  3. If you have a stylus (or great mouse control), you can write straight into the notebook. This will be covered in another tutorial in more detail.

Distributing Notes

Once you've created some note content, you can easily hand it out to students using the Distribute Page  or Distribute New Section buttons.

  1. In OneNote go to the page or section you wish to distribute.
  2. In the menu bar click Class Notebook


  1. To distribute an individual page click Distrbute Page
  2. For more options press the to see a list of choices.



  1. Distribute Page will send to the Class Notebook of your whole class.
  2. Individual Distribution allows you to give a single student the notes. Good for someone who has come late to your class.
  3. Group Distribution will send to the Class Notebook of a subset of your class. Good for giving out group projects.
  4. Cross Notebook Distribution will send to the Class Notebooks you specify. Good is you have set up a split class with different notebook, but want to give content to everyone.
  5. Delete Page allows you to remove a page from students. Good if you mistakenly hand something out or want to correct a mistake.

Stylus Notes

 Pro-Tip! It's possible to use these tools with just a mouse if you want to.
  1. In OneNote navigate to the page you wish to add hand-written notes to.
  2. Choose Draw from the top menu bar.

  1. icon Select individual parts of your drawing or add a textbox to type directly in.
  2. icon Select multiple items in a box
  3. icon Erase individual parts of your drawing.
  4. icon Write with a pen.
  5. icon Use a highlighter.
  6. icon Change the colour of your writing implement.
  7. icon Change the thickness of your writing implement
  8. Math Assistant buttonConvert ink to Math (details in next section)
  1. Use the pen tool to add your notes.


  1. If you wish to rearrange your written notes you can use the marquee tool to select parts to move.



When using hand-written notes, you can convert equations to text using the Math Assistant button on the Draw tab.

  1. First, create your notes


  1. Use the selection tool and make sure you encircle the whole equation.
  2. Click the Math Assistant button with the equation selected.
  3. A new side pane will appear on the right:

  1. Use Ink to Math to turn your written equation into a typed one.
  2. However, the are also some other helpful options in the box underneath the generated equation.
  3. Equations can be rearranged using the Solve for... options.
  4. Steps can be generated to show how to go from the original equation to the rearranged one: