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Mr. Horswell's Grade 10 Social Studies: Natural Resources and Conservation

Where do I start?

Need help getting started? Browse through Chapter 9 of your Horizons textbook. You will find lots of great information about BC and our natural resources.

Your Assignment

Canada's natural resources are a driving force of our economy. How we use these resources is often the subject of controversy. Questions of conservation, sustainability, and stewardship arise. Choose an issue facing one of our resource-based industries (i.e. LNG pipeline, raw log exports, wild vs. farmed salmon) and find a news article discussing this issue. Read the article and do a little further research into the issue. Write two or three paragraphs summarizing the issue and stating your opinion on the topic. Support your opinion with examples.

Don't forget to print a copy of your article. You will need to hand this in with your assignment. 

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