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Mr. Horswell's Grade 10 Social Studies: Rise of French- Canadian Nationalism

Cting Sources

When doing any research essay, you must cite all your sources at the end in a reference list or a works cited page. For this essay you will be asked to use the MLA reference style. A complete guide to this style can be found at the Purdue OWL.

Grade 9 assignment

Create a timeline that chronicles major events in the rise of French Nationalism in Canada. Include events from before confederation, after confederation and from modern era.

Grade 10 assignment

The glossary of your textbook defines nationalism as "devotion to the support of one's culture and nation, sometimes resulting in the promotion of independence".

This feeling of devotion has been a recurring theme among French Canadians as they have struggled to maintain their language and distinct cultural identity under British rule.

Your assignment over the next three days is to research the development of French nationalism in Canada from the founding of New France util modern day. The end-product of your research will be a 750 word essay on the topic.

Refer to the assignment sheet handed out in class for complete instructions.

Further Reading