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Food Insecurity Foods and Nutrition Grade 10: Home


Part One:

Play the Hungry Decisions Game and answer the reflection questions.

Part Two:

Examine types of food insecurity and explain how they are different.

Part Three:

Analyze how our consumer decisions affect those in developing nations.

Protecting Our Future

Big Ideas

What factors influence a nation's food security?


By the end of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • define Food Insecurity
  • explain the impact of food insecurity on a population’s health and economy (two each)
  • describe three factors influencing a nation’s Food Security
  • explain the two main types of Food Insecurity
  • compare and contrast the food insecurity between two nations
  • describe some possible solutions to food insecurity
  • analyze the role developed nations play in insecurity in developing nations

Ending Hunger Now


Obesity + Hunger = ONE ISSUE