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Middle East (Grade 8 Humanities): Home


Please complete all of the questions on your own. It is not a race!! You will only have this block to work on the questions. When you are done you can work on your homework.

Please click on all of the following links to find the answers to the questions

If you mis-placed, or want to re-start your assignment; you can print off a new copy under the "Assignments" box. Also if you want to type the answers, and email them to me, you can do that as well.

Middle East Webquest

WebQuest - Geography of SW Asia


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1) Why is the "Jordan River" getting smaller every year?

2) Why is the "Strait of Hormuz" so important?

3) Which two waterways are connected by the "Suez Canal?"

4) How many Palestinians live in the "Gaza Strip?"


5) Although the Middle East represents 5% of the world's population, it accounts for _____% of the world's freshwater supply.

6) What is most of the water in the Middle East used for?

7) How much freshwater was used in the Middle East in 2010?

8) Why is the government of Iraq blaming the government of Iran for high amounts of water pollution?


9) Which Middle Eastern country is the world's largest producer of oil?

10) In terms of oil supplies, what do SW Asian nations such as Israel, Jordan, and Afghanistan have in common?

11) Which continent is the largest consumer of oil that is produced in the Middle East?


12) Which religions are practiced by the Arabs?

13) Which religion is practiced by most Kurds?

14) Where are most Muslims located in the world today?

15) What caused the division between the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims?

Map of Middle East