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How to create a question / thesis statement

Learning Intention:  I can use my prior knowledge and searching to narrow down questions

   I can figure out which questions are shallow and which are deep


In the age of Google it's easy to find answers to simple questions. So, we have to go deeper than shallow questions. These kinds of questions are called essential questions and represent a question that can't be answered with a quick search online.

K-W-L Chart

One good way to form an essential question is to use a K-W-L chart. This is what one looks like:

What I know What I want to know What I have learned from searching

By forming a K-W-L chart we can narrow down our questions to those we do not know the answer to.

How to use the K-W-L Chart

  • The process for this is to start with what we know on the subject.
  • Come up with some great "Want to know" questions
  • Search online for answers. Don't look for too long, you're looking for answers that are easy to find.
  • Write down what you've learned and cross off the question once you feel it's been answered
  • Anything that's left is a good inquiry question.