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Assignment Hacks

OMG I have to present my project. Where do I start? How do I make sure it's original and stands out?

Don't fear! The Libr@ry is here!

We've got you covered with tips and tricks to make your project stand out.

Powerful Presentations - Simply Stated

Everyone hates a bad presentation. Want to know how to avoid it? Watch Marc Strong's video to learn some new tricks.


Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint


Don McMillan points out common powerpoint mistakes in hilarious fashion


How to give a great TEDx Talk


Learn to give a TEDx Talk in less than 5 minutes! These tips are good for oral presentations or getting you on stage at the next TEDxUNBC.


Crash Course

Didn't take great notes in class? Missed a day and need to get the general idea? Crash course has information on lots of topics. Find the right subject then find the topic to get the jist of what you missed.


When doing a presentation it is best to keep the information on screen short and to the point.

The general rule of thumb is called the 5 and 8 rule.

5 bullet points maximum

8 words per bullet point maximum

Bullet points should:

  • make sense
  • be clear
  • not be complete sentences.

Instead your detailed notes, in complete sentences, should be placed into the presenter notes portion of the powerpoint.

To make this appear click on the notes button found on the bottom bar:

This will make the notes panel appear and you can type your notes in:

When you go to present make sure on the ribbon when you click 'Slide Show' that the 'Presenter View' box is ticked. This will show you the notes and not everyone else.