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Deep Reading: Home

This guide is an introduction to close and critical reading skills. It is easily adaptable for any grade.

Useful Web Resources for Deep Reading

Why Read?

Ms. Shimoyama's Deep Reading Assignments

Close Reading-What?

Do you want your students to be stronger readers? Close reading can help your students slow the reading process down and teach them to be "mindful" readers.

Annotating is a key component to close reading. Annotating is a skill that needs to be practiced and built up with students.

If done regularly and with purpose, annotating a text can be a powerful tool for active reading and the comprehension of material.

If you are new to deep reading or annotating as a literacy strategy, the article by Carol Porter O'Donnell is a useful place to being your inquiry.

Where to Start?

Where to start? Check out this Power Point (below) about deep reading and annotating text. Generally, these assignments take a week to complete. Of course, the assignment can be broken down and adapted/modified for your own learners.


I break down each step and model each step via document camera and I show students my own deep reading process publicly so that they are able to transfer the same skills to their own deep reading process.


*template credit goes to Vale Middle School's AoW items on their website for free.



Where to Get Content?

Where to get articles suitable for your students?



Pre-made Article of the Week assignments

ELA and More

Dave Stuart Jr.

Kelly Gallagher


How to Teach & Learn About Annotations

Deep Reading is Not Just for English

We use deep reading skills in science and math regularly; we are often not aware that we use many deep reading strategies when working on math problems.

Check out this article by on how we traditionally use close reading skills with math problems.

Teaching How to Use Close Reading Strategies to Solve Math Word Problems guide

Close reading poster for math.

Close reading math template.


Using primary and secondary sources also use the same type of deep reading skills needed for difficult English texts.



Deep Reading in Action