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Social Justice 11/12 - Project

The Project


You will be choosing and exploring an issue on several interconnected levels. First you will examine the issue at the local level, then the BC level, then the Canadian level, finally at the global level.

Pick a social or health issue that affects youth:

1) Learning Disabilities - F.A.S / A.S.D. / L.D. / A.D.H.D /etc.

2) Teen Suicide

3) Gender & Sexuality - Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Etc.

4) Aboriginal young women - barriers, abuse, pregnancy, substance abuse, education, etc.

5) Aboriginal young men - barriers, abuse, crime, teen father, substance abuse, education, etc.

6) Drugs - all types including alcohol

7) Mental Health - anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc.

8) Eating Disorders

9) HIV

10) Homelessneess

Describe the issue, and explain why it is a problem today.

Look at statistics within PG, BC, Canada, Globally.

Do Demographics play an importance as to where the social or health issue is most prevalent (happens the most)? What type of stereotyping or discrimination occur with this social or health issue?

What type of resources and help are available for these issues in PG? BC? Canada? Globally? - Make a list with links etc.

Discuss prevention techniques and solutions that can be introduced within our school, community, BC, Canada.