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Walk Slow and Drink Lots of Water- Examining human rights and imprisonment around the world: Home

Beginning Research

When we start to conduct research, many of us start with Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is a great place to start your research, it is a terrible place to stop.

Start with Wikipedia to learn terminology or to get a basic overview of the topic you are researching. Then use those search terms in one of the school databases to obtain more and better information.

If you do not find information in the school's data bases, then try looking on the internet. Don't forget to apply the CRAAP test though!

Look at all these important parts of good information source.








Why is the Discussion of Human Rights Crucial to the Context of Imprisonment?

The way in which society treats its vulnerable members is a reflection of its social health and conscience: Prisoners are in the control and therefore at the mercy of their jailers. That is why it is so important that national, regional and international norms and policies safeguarding the human nights of prisoners be promoted and protected fully.

You have looked at topics of violence, survival and criminality in your short story unit. You will have three days in the library to research how prisoners are treated in another country.

You will use your research to create a "Prisoner's Survival Guide."


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