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Science and Crime: True Crimes

This guide examines how science contributed to the conviction (and release) of criminals from the justice system

Jerry Pacek: Wrongly Imprisoned

The Barker-Karpis Gang

The Murder of Emmett Till

The Story of Emmett Till

Alger Hiss: Traitor and Spy?

Hiss and Whittaker Face to Face in Testimony Before HUAC


Enron Financial Fraud Case

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft (Unsolved Case)

National Geographic: Mystery of the Romanovs

The Lindbergh Kidnapping

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped

Thomas Jennings Murder Case

The Chamberlain "Dingo" Case

The Hitler Diaries

The O.J. Simpson Trial

Cheng Chui Ping "Sister Ping" Human Smuggling Case

Sam Sheppard Murder Case

New York Times Front Page, April 20, 1995, the day after the Oklahoma City Bombing

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