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Macbeth: Macbeth Assignment

Macbeth Assignment

Macbeth Assignment:

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In groups of four, you may choose one of the following three assignments to develop and present to your peers.  The goal of the task is to research, explain and explore important themes, issues, conflicts and motifs that exist in the play in order to help yourselves, and your peers, better understand the deeper meaning of “Macbeth.”  You may choose your groups on your own; however there will be one group of five. 


Regardless of the task you choose, you must also complete the reflection page provided individually.


Some possible concepts to consider are:

    • Gender conflicts
    • Sleep and dreams
    • Madness
    • Honour and courage
    • Ambition
    • Appearance vs. reality
    • Or anything else you wish…

Possible Tasks:


Option 1


Choose a song of your choice and replace the original lyrics with lyrics that your group rewrites.  The lyrics should speak to characters, setting, themes, issues and/or conflicts in the play.  Be creative… and funny!!  You may present this or make a video depending on what technology your group members have access to.  Incorporate costume, props and anything else you can come up with or imagine.  Most importantly… have fun!


Option 2


Using well-known, modern characters, create a skit that parallels the issues, themes and conflicts in “Macbeth.”  Consider a modern issue in the media, or in history and make overt connections to the play thereby demonstrating how this play is archetypal (a recycled concept) in nature.  Consider the role of major characters on the plot, as well as the resolution at the end of the play. 


Option 3


 Make a children’s book of “Macbeth” by re-writing each act and including pictures.   Find a way to maintain the major themes and issues while re-writing the end of the play to make it less violent and gory.  Try to include historical elements while making it fun for children and accurate for adults.  Include pictures of major scenes to add interest.  This can be laminated for your group before it is due to make a more polished finished product. 


Word Document of the Assignment