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Macbeth: Additional Macbeth assignments


Assignment: You may choose from any of the project/activities below, but you must chooose enough activities to equal 100 points. Notice that the 50 point projects are more involved than, for example, the one that are only worth 25 points, but you can do fewer activities with more difficult projects.

Doctor’s Perspective /25 points

Write a journal entry from the doctor’s perspective reflecting on his visit to the

Macbeth house. 10-15 sentences

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Malcolm’s perspective /25 points

Write a journal entry from Malcolm’s perspective (after he becomes king)

reflecting on the events of the play. 10-15 sentences.

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Eulogy /25 points

Write a eulogy (a statement of praise for someone’s life after they’re dead—often read

at funerals and memorials) for Banquo. Include details

abouthis life that you learned in the play. 10-15 sentences.

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Literary Devices /50 points

Create a poster incorporating 7 literary devices that relate to the play. Be sure each element is listed and you understand what they are and how they work in the play. Literary devices can include: metaphor, simile, alliteration, assonance, irony, imagery, personification, allusion, hyperbole, symbol, foreshadowing…


Witches’ Next Adventure /50 points

Write a one page short story to tell about the witches’ next ‘adventure.’ Who will they trick next? How? What character flaw will they find to use against their target? What will happen to the victim? (1- 1 1/2 pages)

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Story Board /100 points

Create a story board (using posterboard) with at least ten detailed images that tell the story of “Macbeth.” Include captions for the images in a word document

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Themes - Create a sketch that illustrates a theme in “Macbeth.” Theme can be an image of one or

more characters doing something, a place in the film, etc. Include a short description (as a caption)

of the illustration and how it depicts the theme (3-4 sentences per caption). Themes include:

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• Ambition

• Appearance vs. Reality

• Atmosphere

• Disorder

• Trust and Betrayal

• Fear

• Greed and Power

• Excuses

• Visions

• Desperation

• Good and Evil

• Guilt

• The Supernatural

Up to 4 themes may be completed to satisfy 100 point requirement. Theme(s) must be mounted neatly on poster board.

Write a short acceptance speech for Malcolm: /25 points

Write a short acceptance speech for Malcolm as he takes the throne Have

him reassure the country, recall the tragedies, ask for the thanes to come back, etc.

10-15 sentences

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Movie Review / 50points

Write a short movie review for Macbeth. Include a sentence or two of summary, a short discussion of the movie’s qualities and flaws, and a rating (A, B, C, D, F or number of stars). 20-25 sentences (1- 1 1/2 pages)

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Rap/Poem/ Song / 50 points

Write a rap, poem or song of at least 20 lines about the play—can be about a character, from his/her perspective, about the plot, a theme, etc. 20-25 lines (1 page)

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Re-Write a Scene /100 points

Write a two-page scene based on a section of “Macbeth,” but set somewhere else, like an urban ghetto or a mental ward. Be true to the plot, but make sure the characters fit the setting. Include at least 5 underlined vocabulary words, and show foreshadowing or irony.

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Scotland Illustrated / 100 points

On a poster, draw and illustrate a map of Scotland with the key places on it from the play (Dunsinane, Inverness, Fife, Scone, Birnam Wood etc.)—draw pictures on the map and write a 5 sentence explanation of the action that took place there.

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