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Purchasing a Used Vehicle: Purchasing A Used Vehicle

Find Your Car

Free classified. Look for used cars here.

Free classified. Look for used cars here.

Kelley Blue Book
"Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Source for new and used car values and pricing." KBB provides pricing guides for new and used cars, and lists cars available in your area. Features like "What should I pay for a used car?" can help you determine a fair price.

Find market value of used cars.

True Car
This site allows you to search your area to discover what people have been paying for cars in your area. It also rates the negotiability of the car's price.

Cost of Driving a Vehicle

Cost of driving a car- calculate the gas and insurance costs for a vehicle

Assignment- Purchasing a used vehicle

Part One and Two:

Research two used vehicles and compare the annual cost of operating them.

Part Three:

Using the information you have learned from this course and this assignment, create a checklist for purchasing a used vehicle.

Information about purchasing used vehicles

Auto Trader  A guide to buying a used car

CarProof  Vehicle History Reports and used buying guide Used buying tips

Consumer Reports

Top 5 Used Car Buying Secrets

Used Car Buying Guide Video

Subject Guide

Other Considerations When Purchasing a Vehicle

Fuel Economy

How fuel efficient is your prospective car? Visit this site to learn more about how to save money on fuel.

Industry Canada

Industry Canada sets the vehicle safety standards for Canada.  It also keeps a list of vehicle recalls.

Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency rates vehicles on their environmental impact. Visit this site to see how clean and fuel efficient your prospective car is.


What are the insurance costs of this vehicle compared to other similar vehicles?