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WWI Unit - Soldier's Service File Project: Home

Six Historical Thinking Concepts

6 Historical Thinking Concepts to consider while doing this project:

1.Establish historical significance

2.Use primary Source evidence

3.Identify continuality and change

4.Analyze Cause and Consequence

5.Take historical perspectives, and

6.Understand the ethical dimension of historical interpretations

Your Assignment

You will be tasked with putting together a Soldiers Service File. The assignment will be submitted as a collection of Google slides or a Google Document. Please refer to your assignment sheet for details on what to include in your soldier's file. 



Online Resources

Choose your soldier from here: 

 The Canadian Letters and Images Project at


Use these websites to find out more about your soldier and the experiences during World War I:

Library and Archives of Canada - Personnel Records

Library and Archives of Canada -World War I

Library and Archives of Canada - War Diaries of the First World War



MLA Citations

As with any research, for this assignment you need to cite your sources. Your teacher has asked that you include an MLA style Works Cited list with your finished work. You will be provided with an MLA format style sheet for you to follow. If you have any questions about how to cite a source. please ask Mrs. Gilbert or your teacher. 

If you did not get a copy of the style sheet, you can download a copy of it here: