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Social Studies 8: The Renaissance: Home

Learning Activities

Renaissance Europe

The Renaissance was an amazing time that brought incredible change to Europe and led to the beginning of the modern era.  We will be studying the changes to learning, literature, art and architecture, music, and science that occurred during the Renaissance.  However, these were not the only changes that developed at this time.  There was a movement  called the Reformation that changed the Christian church forever.  People began to read thanks to  a technological device called the printing press. And, finally, Europe’s view of the world changed as people began to explore across the oceans and discovered new continents, people and products.  Colonization soon followed exploration and changes escalated even more.   The Renaissance era brought both incredibly positive changes but also very negative changes as well.  This is the period we will be studying for the month of May.

The resource links that you need are on this web page. You can download a complete copy of the assignment and the handouts you need here:

Part II - Renaissance Art and Artists

In this section, you are going to be asked to analyze the techniques used in Renaissance art. To begin understanding Renaissance art watch these to videos first:

Now use these two resources to find out more about the techniques Renaissance artists used:

Ducksters - Renaissance Art Techniques

Khan Academy- Renaissance Art video

Remember: Mrs. Steel has included a very good example of how to analyze a painting in your assignment package. Read it carefully!

Part I - Gathering Information about the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a time of change and renewal. It was a time of new ideas in art, science and philosophy and growth in exploration and trade. These resources will give you an overview of how and why this "rebirth" began.

All About the Renaissance

Part III - Scavenger Hunt

For this section you will need to copy and paste images onto a word document, write a short caption explaining the importance of the person or object in the picture and build a reference list to show where you got all the pictures from.

Following the directions on your assignment sheet carefully so that you know what you are expected to include in your collage.



Worksheets for this assignment

You can download copies of the worksheets for the learning activities in Sections 1 and 2 here: