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Senior English Research Paper: Home

This guide will support students as they write a research paper that demonstrates their command of Standard Canadian English.

Research Project Overview

Students will produce a research paper that demonstrates their command of Standard Canadian English as well as research, organization and drafting strategies.Students should select a topic that has a "provable" component to it and create a report that contains both information and opinion.

Assignment and Supplemental Notes

Setting up your MLA paper in google docs

Big Question

This isn't our typical big question... but it's real life!

So... my professor wants me to write a research paper and I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Setting up your APA paper in Google Docs

APA formatting in Google Docs



The Online Writing Lab at the University of Purdue should be your "go to" guide for all your research questions! It has a variety of tutorials. For this assignment, make sure you check out the Research and Citation section on the left-hand side.


When you make your bibliography, you may wish to use a citation generator. These put all the information in the correct order for you. Consider using BibMe or Citation Machine.