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Treaty Negotiations- Cause and Consequence: Home


In partners or on your own, you will be assigned one of the treaties signed between the government and various indigenous nations in the late 19th and early 20th century. Your task is to research the conditions that led to this treaty and the consequences of the treaty on the indigenous populations. You will also explore different perspectives on the treaty signing and finally decide if the treaty was negotiated fairly

Big Questions

Through this project, you will be exploring the following essential questions:

  • How did colonization and settlement impact indigenous populations after Confederation?
  • Why were Aboriginal people willing to sign treaties with the Canadian government?
  • How did perspectives differ on the treaties and why?
  • Were the Aboriginal treaties negotiated fairly?

Learning Objectives/Success Criteria:

  • I can describe the terms of the treaty and the impact of the treaty on aboriginal populations.

  • I can identify and explain the government and aboriginal perspective on the treaty signed and what it meant for Canada.

  • I can use primary and secondary sources to gather information and assess the purpose of the treaty.

  • I can make well supported judgments about the fairness of the treaty negotiations and treaty process.

  • I can demonstrate effective RESEARCH skills including accessing information, assessing information collecting data, evaluating data, organizing information and citing sources

  • I can use proper grammar and spelling and use technology to present data that is clearly laid out, informative and visually appealing. 


 This is an article on both sides of the treaty process