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Service Guides

How to access Hand-In and Hand-Out and your WebDisk.

Hand in and out folders

On your desktop find the 'This PC' icon.

Double click on it and find the handin and handout under 'Network locations' at the bottom of the main window.

Double click on handin and find your teachers name e.g. jjeffery

Listen carefully to your teacher's instructions about where to save and what they want you to title your files. Generally teachers will have a setup with their different classes like this:

It's also a good idea to title your files like this:

Where your name goes first and then your assignment's name. If your teachers gives you a different way, listen to them!

Be aware you cannot save directly into a handin folder. You must either:

- Drag and drop the file into the handin

- Copy and paste it in (Right click your original file and choose copy, go to the handin folder and right click on a blank area and choose paste)