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Grade 9 English Poetry Calendar: Home

Poetry Writing Tools

Creating Your Own Poetry

Go to this link to practice creating Haikus, Limericks, Free Verse and Cinquains.

Poetry Engine


Day One:

Read (or listen to) a variety of poems. 

Day Two: 

Decide on a theme or topic for your calendar OR decide on a recipient for your calendar. Begin selecting (or writing) poems to use in your calendar.

Day Three:

Continue selecting poems for your calendar. Complete analysis sheet for three poems and begin identifying and describing poetic devices within the poems. Find images to accompany the poems in your calendar

Final Day:

Assemble your calendar, attach your poetry analysis sheets and your summary sheet, Complete your self-assessment.

This assignment will help you:

  • comprehend and respond to oral and written language critically, creatively, and articulately
  • communicate ideas, information, and feelings critically, creatively, and articulately, using various media
  • think critically and creatively, and reflect on and articulate your thinking and learning
  • Use reading and viewing to make meaningful connections and to improve and extend thinking.
  •  Use writing and representing to express, extend, and analyse thinking.