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The Great War Soldier Research Project: Home

Accessing your Soldier's File

To begin your research, you will be given a soldier's actual personnel file that is kept in Ottawa. some of you wil receive a print-out of the information and all of you will have access to a digital file on a school computer.

Accessing your soldier's file

1. Click the "Start/Windows" button (lower left corner of screen)

2. Click on "my computer" icon

3. Click on "classwork on samba"

4. Click on "mwales", then "handout"

5. Click on "socials 11"

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Thoroughly read the file; note important dates and corresponding events.

2. Create a timeline of the events -research the movements of the person while enlisted (where, when, events)

3. Match date/events with the timeline of the war.

           a. Dig as deep as you can; keep in mind the greater the detail, the greater the reward.

4. If your soldier died in the war, research his/her final resting place- cemetery, plot

5. Present your findings in powerpoint format- incluede photos (if available, important information about your soldier, documentation

The Assignment


Your assignment is to find out about the life of a soldier who fought (and maybe died) in the First World War. You will be using the soldier's actual personnel file that is kept on record in Ottawa as the basis for your research. Your findings will be presented to the class in the form of a powerpoint presentation.

You will also be given data forms to fill out. These forms are for input into the national Lest We Forget database. For details about this project, check out Road to Vimy 2017 on the Canada' History website.

Library Resources

There are many great books about World War I in our school library. Find them by searcing our library catalogue:

College Heights Library Catalogue

Below are some examples of books you will find.