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Planning 10- Graduation Program: Home


Career Mapping

Why is it important to make a career map?

Read these articles to find out

The Importance of Career Mapping

10 Tips for Successful Career Planning


Assignment and Assessment

Graduation Plan Assignment #1

Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation outlining the requirements for graduation

Your presentation should include the following:

  • the course requirements of the graduation program,
  • the ways in which you can earn credit toward graduation (8)
  • the names and examples of the 12 courses (from grade 10-12) that are required for graduation
  • the 5 required Provincial exams
  • the 8 Focus areas of Graduation Program

Graduation Plan Assignment #2

Evaluate which TWO career/education focus areas appeal to you. Create a “career map” for each of the focus areas.

Your career map should include:

  •  at least 3 options of potential careers per focus area,
  •  and 2 post-secondary programs that each of the focus areas .
  •  the courses that are required for each post-secondary program,
  •  how the courses connect to or demonstrate the focus area.
  •  a bibliography of all sources, INCLUDING websites, used in your research. 

Graduation Plan Assignment #3

Complete a YELLOW course selection form for your grade 11 and grade 12 years. 

You can get the YELLOW forms from the counselling office.

Industry Quiz

Take this short quiz to learn which industry might suit you best

Learning Outcomes

It is expected that students will:

  • identify the course requirements for the Graduation Program
  • identify ways of earning credits for the Graduation Program (e.g., in-school courses, external credits)
  • identify the exam requirements for the Graduation Program, including required and optional exams
  • describe the Focus Areas in the Graduation Program
  • describe how one or more Focus Areas of interest relate to education and career options