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Healthy Eating Links

Canada Food Guide


NHS Choices - U.K.

Books on Diet and Nutrition

Want to get serious about healthy eating? Take at look at these great books in our school library!


Your assignment is to explore some of the resources on healthy diet and exercise and create a healthy living plan for yourself or for someone else.

Steps to Follow


1. Create a profile for the person the guide is for. The guide can be for yourself or for someone else. The profile must include the person's gender, age and occupation (student, office worker etc.) and general health considerations (over or under weight, allergies).

2. Calculate how many calories this person will need each day. There are many types of calorie counters available online. The following link will take you to one:

Calorie Calculator

2. Design a healthy menu plan for two days. Choose a week day and a weekend day. Included three meals and two snacks.


3. Design an exercise plan for this person. Consider their age, normal level of activity and health issues that need to be addressed.


4. Present your plan in either the form of a booklet or a poster.

Exercise Links

Health Canada Activity Guide

Government of Ontario Activity Guide

2008  Physical Activity Guide for Americans

US President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Books on Exercise in our School Library

Want to know more about exercise and staying active? Check out these great resources in our library collections.