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Nutrition Research Project- Foods & Nutrition 11: Home


Nutrition Research Projects

Foods & Nutrition 11

Nutrition Research Project

Your job for this project will be to thoroughly research a current food or nutrition related topic and then teach the class about your findings. You will need to be comfortable with the information; you will be presenting it, using some kind of visual aid, to your audience and using some activity to keep them actively learning.

The final product must include:

  • some sort of visual aid to your lesson- a brochure, public service announcement (YouTube), a visual display for a hallway cabinet, a slideshow or Prezi, etc
  • a citation of your sources in APA or MLA format. You must use at least two sources from one of the school’s databases (eg EBSCO) to ensure you have credible information. You must also cite sources for your images
  • a five to ten minute lesson for the class with some activity to keep the class engaged (survey, quiz, game, etc)

You may work alone or with one other person. 

Videos to watch