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Making Good Personal Nutrition Choices: Home



Use this nutrition analysis tool to examine your dietary choices

Eat This, Not That

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How do little changes make a big difference in our diet?

In this assignment, students will examine trends in their diets and decide on small nutritional changes they can make to improve their diet.


Personal Nutrition Assignment


Step One:


Track your food intake for two days. Don’t forget to include beverages and snacks.


Step Two:


Create an account at (note: please use your best sense when creating an account. It is safest to not reveal personal information online. You may wish to have an “Internet Identity”)


Step Three:


Put your nutritional information into the site. Once you have completed each day, do an analysis of the foods you have consumed. Enter the results below


Step Four: 


Examine the results of step Three. What are three trends you have noted in your diet?


Step Five:


Determine three small changes you can make to improve your diet,


Step Six:


Develop a plan for eating out. Make a list of three strategies you can use to make good nutritional decisions when you are eating out

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