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Planning 10 Course: Grad Program

BC Graduation Program

Check out this link to learn about the credits you need for graduation

Planning 10 Course Tracking

Prescribed Learning Outcomes- Graduation Program

It is expected that students will:

  • identify the course requirements for the Graduation Program
  • identify ways of earning credits for the Graduation Program (e.g., in-school courses, external credits)
  • identify the exam requirements for the Graduation Program, including required and optional exams
  • describe the Focus Areas in the Graduation Program
  • describe how one or more Focus Areas of interest relate to education and career options
  • describe the requirements of Graduation Transitions
  • develop a preliminary plan for how they will meet the requirements of Graduation Transitions

Graduation Program Assignments

Course Long Assignment

Your teacher will give you the Graduation Transitions Booklet for the current year. It is due as part of your planning 10 course. You will start it first and complete it last as many components of the Planning 10 course are covered in the booklet.