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Planning 10 Course: Home

Planning 10 Course Tracking

Planning 10 Course Outline

In Planning 10 students will:

  • Plan for successful learning in the Graduation Program.
  • Explore a wide range of post-secondary education and career options.
  • Think critically about health issues and decisions.
  • Develop financial literacy skills related to pursuing their education and career goals.
  • Begin planning for their transition beyond secondary school. 

Students will submit their planning work to the teacher they are assigned to. In addition, students are asked to keep a portfolio of their assignments to save as part of the Graduation Transitions program in grade 12.

Grad Transitions Booklet

Your teacher will give you the Graduation Transitions Booklet for the current year. It is due as part of your planning 10 course. You will start it first and complete it last as many components of the Planning 10 course are covered in the booklet.