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Career Education 8

Pursuing your interests

Day 3 - Pursue your interests

Learning isn't just done at school--in fact only a small portion of our lives are spent in school and yet we learn across our whole lives. We call this life-long learning.

Today we are looking at how your hobbies, interests and activities teach you valuable skills that will contribute to your growth as a person.

Here are some areas that help you develop skills:

  • Volunteering
  • Taking part in clubs
  • After school activities
  • Independent learning
  • Chores at home
  • School work


Task Learning Intention:

  • To understand how the choices we make and the activities we participate in affect the skills we develop.
  • To understand how perseverance and flexibility affect our life-long learning.

Task - Instructions

  1. Read over the examples
  2. Think about the things you do in school and out of school that build up skills, perseverance and flexibility and contribute to your life-long learning.
  3. Write down the activity and the skills you are developing.
  4. Write a short reflection about the activity and what it has taught you about yourself and how you may use those skills in the future.
  5. Share with a partner and be prepared to share to the group if there's enough time.



Skill you are developing

Reflection (What I learned about me)

Example: Mowing the lawn Be dependable
Operating lawnmower
  • I like working outdoors
  • I like learning about machines and how things work
  • I like not having my parents mad at me for not doing my job.
  • I might mow lawns for a summer job to earn money for new Air Jordans.
Example: Coaching a Soccer Team Leadership
Be dependable
Working with others
Transferring my skills to someone else
  • I like to share my knowledge
  • I like to work with kids
  • I feel happy when someone else achieves something because of me.