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Career Education 8


Day 2 - Discover the Possibilities


We are going to start off by viewing Career Trek videos to get a feel for what kind of jobs are out there. Maybe you know what you want to be, maybe you’ve got no clue. You’re too young to be deciding definitely, but this is an excellent time to think about what you could do.

On the PGSS Virtual Learning Commons homepage click on the Career Trek button found halfway down on the right or click on this picture.

There’s four ways you can view the career videos. You can go through the list alphabetically, you can look at them by where they were filmed (four were done here in PG!), by what’s popular or by the skills needed. We’re going to go over the Skills option in more detail.



When you choose skills there will be a list on the right of the skills you can choose.

Each video entry will also have a list of skills beside it to let you know what is necessary for that particular job.

If you mouse over a skill it will turn yellow

Click on it and you will get a pop-up showing what the skill means.

To see all the skills and what they mean you can click the button

Select 4 or 5 skills that you believe you have. The list of jobs will rearrange as you pick with the more matches nearer the top.

Select those that interest you most but try to stay with those that match the most skills you have. Keep yourself to those with 3 or more matches if possible.

Using the template take notes on the videos you watch.

Task Learning Intention:

  • To understand what kind of jobs exist and their pros and cons
  • To understand how we can communicate about jobs and the value of work to those in our peer group

Task - Instructions

You will be using the notes to choose one of the jobs and create a series of school-appropriate memes that show your main takeaways from watching the video.

Your memes should be in order:

1. Who do you work with in the job

2. What kind of hours would you work

3. What's the most important skill you need for the job

4. Something cool about the job

5. Something scary / bad about the job

6. Sum up the job in one meme

Suggested app -

Examples based on teaching: