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Sci 8 - Atomic Theory

Topic guide on atomic theory for Luong/Rempel

Research Links

These links are a place to start your research.

Modern Atomic Theory

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Further Reading

Videos to Watch

Below is a list of videos that may help you in your research. You do not have to watch all of them. They are there to give you information in a different way to reading it. It is up to you to decided which you want to watch.

Books on Atomic Theory

The Visual Dictionary of Chemistry

pg. 6-7
pg. 10-11
pg. 16-17

The Story of Science - Einstein Adds a New Dimension

Early Atomic Theory / Dalton
Pg. 17
JJ Thompson
Pg. 36-47
Pg. 59-69

Science 1001

Atomic Theory
pg. 62

The Elements

Modern Theories
pg. 12

A Guide to the Elements

pg. 7
pg. 10

Eyewitness Science - Chemistry

pg. 16-17

The Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry

pg. 22