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Inquiry: Through the Ages

Inquiry: Through the Ages

A good inquiry question is something you cannot find on Google or another search engine. You will need to do background research into your topic to understand it enough to do the Inquiry. We suggest the K-W-L method shown below.

Discovering your Inquiry Question

Inquiry Questions

- Form a K-W-L chart

- Come up with some great 'Want to know' questions

- Search online for the answers to them.

- Write down what you've learned and cross off the question once you feel it's been answered

- Anything that's left is a good inquiry question.


Resource Reason to use
Explora offers peer reviewed journal articles on a number of topics as well as videos and articles from a variety of sources. It is useful for cross-referencing and gathering information.
Gale global issues

GALE Power Search offers a comprehensive search of a range of reference material as well as journals, books and magazines.

Many of these sources contain annotations to explain why they may be useful or relevant or to provide context to them. It is useful for cross-referencing and gathering information.

World Book Advanced World Book Student World Book Discover World Book encyclopedias provide 'for information' articles on a wide range of topics. It is useful for gathering information at the start of your inquiry and answering your 'Googleable questions'.
Snopes provides fact checking for many different popular news articles, memes, and other information you may come across online. If you come across something online that seems outrageous, too good to be true or just plain weird. Try putting it into Snopes to check if it is true.





When you are finding information online you need to pay close attention to the validity of the source. Use this document to help you determine what's helpful and what's not.

Explore Museums

Google Cultural Institute allows you to explore Art museums around the world.

Explore inside using Street View or just go exhibit by exhibit.

Clicking on an exhibit will give you information about it enabling you to get a feel for what kind of information is on a museum piece.


Image Sources

Banner from Wikimedia - modified under Creative Commons License.